Past HEBC Board Members and Contributors

Bill Van Belle

Bill Van Belle
Director Grower Representative

Van Belle Nurseries Inc.

Bill Van Belle was the Grower representative on the HEBC board from 2005 to 2021. He is the owner of Van Belle Nursery Inc., and has been in the nursery production industry for over 40 years. Bill supports the need for a vibrant industry in both production horticulture and landscape horticulture. He served on the Canada Nursery Landscape Association and on the BC Landscape & Nursery Association board for many years and spent 2 years as President.

Peter Brinson

Director Arborist Representative

Arborist Training Solutions

Peter Brinson is a professional arborist who has been certified since 1993. Peter works as a consulting arborist, giving a voice to the trees; believing, rather than being seen as an obstacle to development or project, trees can be seen for what they are – an exceptional addition to landscape plans.

Peter has been training arborists in British Columbia since 1995, serving as an Instructor for the Kwantlen Polytechnical University Arborist Technician Apprenticeship program and the Electrical Institute Training Institution Certified Utility Arborist Apprenticeship Program. Peter shares his passion for trees, education, and work safety.