Employer & Sponsors

Employers – Why hire an apprentice?

  • The apprentice is typically in school for 6 week increments per level
  • Improve your company and the industry by mentoring a new apprentice
  • Increase the skill set of your business
  • Provide your customers with an experienced educated crew
  • Eligible to receive Federal and/or Provincial tax credits per year
    • For more information on the available tax credits, click here.
  • Apprentice Job Match – a useful tool to connect employers with apprentices

Steps to Become a Sponsor

  • You must meet three basic eligibility requirements
    • Must be a legal entity (e.g. company or organization) which employs an individual who is a Certified Tradesperson or has Sign-Off Authority
    • Must be registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA)
    • Assume responsibilities as shown on ITA’s website ‘6 Steps to Success’
  • Not a Certified Tradesperson, or have Sign-Off Authority?
    • Click here for information on how to challenge the exam to become a Certified Tradesperson or
    • Click here for information on how to obtain Sign-Off Authority
  • Ensure your apprentice registers with the appropriate training provider and fills out an Apprenticeship Registration form.  Click here to for a list and information on training providers.
  • Notify your accountant / bookkeeper that you are taking on an Apprentice.  You are eligible to receive up to $4000 in Federal and/or Provincial tax credit or higher per year.  Click here for details
  • Contact ITA Customer Service for any assistance

Dairy Industry

  • For information about becoming a sponsor for a Dairy Production Technician apprentice, go to http://dairyprobc.ca/.