Employer/Sponsor Information

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Employer/sponsor information is divided into three main information categories

1. Employer/Sponsor Information

2. Obtaining credential required to become a sponsor

3. Tax Credit Information for Sponsors

Employers – Why hire an apprentice?

  • Eligible to receive Federal and/or Provincial tax credits per year. For more information on the available tax credits, click here.
  • Improve your company and the industry by mentoring a new apprentice
  • Increase the skill set of your business
  • Provide your customers with an experienced educated crew

**The apprentice is typically in school for 6 week increments per level; the remainder is working on the job under the supervision of a mentor (Sponsor). Most apprentices qualify for EI while they are in school.

Apprentice Job Match is a useful tool to connect employers with apprentices.

Steps to Become a Sponsor

  • You must meet three basic eligibility requirements
      1. Must be a legal entity (e.g. company or organization) which employs an individual who is a “Certified Tradesperson” or has “Sign-Off Authority“.
      2. Must be registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA)
      3. Assume responsibilities as shown on ITA’s website ‘6 Steps to Success’

Who is a “Sponsor”?

A sponsor is an individual who is a “Certified Tradesperson” or has “Sign-Off Authority“. This individual can be a legal entity (e.g. company or organization) owner or employee. This person will mentor, train and supervise the apprentice through their training program.

How do I become a sponsor and register an apprentice?

  1. If you are a Certified Trades person or have Sign-off Authority go to step 2. If you are not yet a Certified Tradesperson or have Sign-Off Authority status, you will need to

* Those who complete a challenge for certification Qualify for a personal income tax credit.

2.The first time you sponsor an apprentice you will need to use the paper-based system to register your first apprentice and obtain a sponsor ID#. Complete the Apprentice and Sponsor Registration Form and mail, email, or fax to ITA (contact info is on the form). After Registering your first apprentice you will be able to manage the apprenticeship and add new apprentices using the ITA’s online Direct Access system for convenience or continue using the paper based system.

3. Once the registration is complete, the ITA will mail you an apprentice wallet card for you to sign and give to your apprentice.

How do I manage the apprenticeship?

1. Ensure your apprentice registers with the appropriate training provider and fills out an Apprenticeship Registration form.  Click here to for a list and information on training providers.

2. Fill out the Work-Based Training Report and submit to ITA on a quarterly basis; or, enter the apprentices hours using the ITA’s online Direct Access system.

3.Notify your accountant / bookkeeper that you are taking on an Apprentice.  You are eligible to receive up to $4000 in Federal and/or Provincial tax credit or higher per year. Visit the Tax Credit Information for Sponsors page for details.

Tax credit eligibility letters will be generated as the apprentice completes their requirements. They will be available on Direct Access or mailed to you if you are using the paper-based system. provide these to your accountant.

Contact ITA Customer Service for any assistance

Dairy Industry

  • For information about becoming a sponsor for a Dairy Production Technician apprentice, go to http://dairyprobc.ca/.