Additional Certifications


Falling and bucking of trees larger than 15cm (6″) in diameter at a height of 30cm (12″) from the base are regulated activities in British Columbia. Outside commercial forestry operations, the “WUAA/HEBC Falling and Bucking Endorsement” is required to fell a tree.

Those who have their CofQ as a Certified Utility Arborist or Arborist Technician are eligible to apply for the “WUAA/HEBC Falling and Bucking Endorsement”. BCFSC Certified Fallers with Certified Utility Arborist or Arborist Technician CofQ may Challenge the endorsement.

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Completion requirements for the Industry Training Authority Climbing Arborist trade program includes a Practical skills assessment. This examination is attempted after successful completion of the Certificate of Qualification exam.

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The Landscape Horticulture Certification Program ensures that professionals from across Canada comply with current standards and industry best practices. Certification is available for Technicians, Designers, and Managers.