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HortEducation.ca (HEBC) is the voice for the ornamental horticulture and agriculture based trades in British Columbia. In 2005, HortEducation.ca was launched following a similar structure to that developed in New Zealand in the 1980’s, adopting an environment where industries could identify and build training programs to meet particular industry-defined needs.


Want to get out and work, while building your career skills? Apprenticeship allows you to get hands-on training, earn a wage, and still gain the education you need to move up in the company, gain your journeyperson status, or go on to earn a diploma or degree.

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Did you know that if you sponsor an apprentice, you can receive up to $4000 per year in Federal and Provincial tax credits? Hiring an apprentice is a great way to improve your company by increasing the skill set of your business, and provide your customers with an experienced educated crew.

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Find out which schools offer the technical training component for your Trade

  • Complete list of horticulture apprenticeship schools in BC
  • Calendar of upcoming training sessions for Horticulture trades