Dairy Apprenticeship

Want to get away from the daily grind? Get involved in the amazing and dynamic Dairy industry! Check out www.DairyProBC.ca, for information on a new apprenticeship program designed to meet the current and future needs of BC’s Dairy Industry. DairyProBC involves both formal class room work as well as hands on work experience. Completion of the program results in Qualification as a Dairy Production Technician (Levels 1 and 2).

Benefits of working in the Dairy Industry include;

  • The dairy industry is renewable and sustainable, economically, environmentally and socially
  • Jobs in the industry are stable and permanent; careers are challenging and rewarding
  • “Earn while you learn” a recognized trade
  • Be involved in a dynamic and progressive industry with advanced technology and a range of interesting work activities
  • Be involved in an industry that produces a simple, natural and tasty product.
  • This is a lifestyle industry – time off during the day, family friendly, rural lifestyle, 4-H
  • Industry pays good wages and offers benefits and perks which may include accommodation, transportation, and performance bonuses, etc.
  • Career with growth and travel opportunities, transportable skill set
  • Opportunities to work with animals
  • Industry of professional and dedicated producers
  • Results of your work are immediately visible
  • Contribute in a positive way to your local economy

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For information on the steps to become a Dairy Production Technician apprentice go to www.DairyProBC.ca and the Industry Training Authority’s website.