Field Arborist Apprenticeship

The Arboriculture Trade includes three distinct and progressive Certificates of Qualification. The three are; Arborist Technician, Climbing Arborist and Field Arborist.

Download the pdf handout for the Arboriculturist Apprenticeship with complete information on each of the Arboriculture apprenticeships

The Arboriculturist Apprenticeship program is independent from the Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist and Certified Utility Arborist programs.

Watch this video ‘Field Arborist Apprenticeship‘ for a quick summary of the Field Arborist Apprenticeship Program.

Level Three – Field Arborist

  • ITA Field Arborist program
  • Must have your Certificate of Qualification as an Arborist Technician and Climbing Arborist.
  • In-school training for 6 weeks
  • Require 1,600 workplace hours with confirmation of hours by your employer.
  • The Field Arborist prunes and performs work of Climbing Arborists on tress from a ground and aerial situation, including climbing and aerial bucket work.

A Field Arborist also;

          • develops and implements Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care plans,
          • develops tree preservation strategies,
          • inspects sites and tress for damage and hazards,
          • performs job estimating, tree inventory, and tree appraisals,
          • prepares reports in the technical areas described above,
          • performs supervisory duties.
  • This will result in a Certificate of Qualification and a Certificate of Apprenticeship as a Field Arborist.
  • This program will be offered at Kwantlen Polytechnic University at a future date.
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