Field Arborist Apprenticeship

The Arboriculture Trade includes three distinct and progressive Certificates of Qualification. The three are; Arborist Technician, Climbing Arborist and Field Arborist.

The Arboriculturist Apprenticeship program is independent from the Landscape and Production Horticulturist programs.

Watch this video ‘Field Arborist Apprenticeship‘ for a quick summary of the Field Arborist Apprenticeship Program.

Level Three – Field Arborist

  • Field Arborist program
  • Must have your Certificate of Qualification as an Arborist Technician and Climbing Arborist
  • In-school training for 6 weeks
  • Require 1,600 workplace hours with confirmation of hours by your employer
  • The Field Arborist prunes and performs other work of Climbing Arborists on tress from a ground and aerial situation, including climbing and aerial bucket work
  • A Field Arborist also;
    • develops and implements Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care plans
    • develops tree preservation strategies
    • inspects sites and tress for damage and hazards
    • performs job estimating, tree inventory, and tree appraisals
    • prepares reports in the technical areas described above
    • perform supervisory duties
  • This will result in a Certificate of Qualification and a Certificate of Apprenticeship as a Field Arborist.
  • This program will be offered at Kwantlen Polytechnic University at a future date.
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