Martin Evans

Martin Evans
Director at Large, Arborist Representative

Vancouver Island Tree Service Ltd., West Coast Wood Chippers

Martin is the CEO of Vancouver Island Tree Service and CEO of West Coast Wood Chippers, a skilled arborist who has been in the profession for over 25 years. Martin ran his own company for 15 years in the UK and studied at Warwickshire College of Agriculture 1991-1993, receiving a diploma in woodland and estate management. Martin moved with his wife and 4 children to Canada in 2010.

Martin is a Certified Utility Arborist with WUAA/HEBC Falling and Bucking Endorsement and holds his CofQ for Arborist Technician and Climbing Arborist. Martin has been a Climber since 1996 and is a Climbing Arborist Assessor for the Industry Training Authority. He is also a Royal Forestry Society certified arborist and ISA certified arborist.

Martin serves as an Industry Subject Matter Expert for the ITA, helping to one day establish a Red Seal trade in Arboriculture. He competed in British Columbia and Pacific North West ISA tree climbing competitions. Martin brings many skills in training and workmanship to promote safety and quality oriented professional tree service. Martin currently serves as an arborist representative Director for HortEducationBC and as Vice Chair of the Western Utility Arborist Association.