Lindsay Lindholm

Lindsay Lindholm
Staff: Industry Education and Labour Development Consultant

BA, Diploma Hort Prod, ADED WEc, CISc

Lindsay provides learning resource development and support services to HEBC. Formerly, she provided support and advocacy for apprentices, employers and training institutions. She administered the Falling and Bucking Endorsement and participated in ITA program development projects for Youth In Trades and The Harmonization of the Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist program.

Lindsay comes to HEBC with a strong education background, including graduating with distinction for KPU’s Greenhouse & Nursery Diploma which she applied to her small farm and greenhouse on Bowen Island selling vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers.

Lindsay enjoyed her Horticulture education experience so much she wanted a career in horticulture education. She returned to the University of the Fraser Valley where she Graduated with Distinction and received awards for Outstanding Achievement for a Bachelor of Arts Degree and an Adult Education Workplace Training Certificate.

Lindsay majored in Political Science with a minor in Communications. She received a Research Excellence award for her research on “Urban vs. rural opinion toward B.C. Agricultural Land Reserve Legislation”. Lindsay also has a Certificate in Computer Information Systems from UFV. Her specialties include research & analysis, policy, social media & business communications, public relations and marketing.