ID LH0005 Team Leader (Maintenance) (Abbotsford, BC)

Job Position: Both Apprenticeship & Non-Apprenticeship Positions

Salary: $17-22

Job Requirement

Transportation Requirements

  • Must have Drivers license

Job Description

Team Leader
The overarching responsibility of the Team Leader is to Create a Remarkable Experience for our Clients by doing a fanatically amazing job of proactively managing their landscapes so they don’t have to do it themselves. It is also their responsibility to create a continuously efficient team in an environment that allows the team members to have fun and love what they do.

Reports to: Production Manager

Job Requirements:

  • Maintain a clean driving record and full license (Yearly driver’s Abstract)
  • Must carry a valid Pesticide License
  • Must have completed all prescribed training through Landscape Safety Training
  • Must have a valid First Aid Certificate
  • Must submit a training schedule for personal development at the beginning of the year for the following calendar year, using the allotment for training as specified elsewhere in this manual.


Business Development Responsibilities

  • Marketing of Grounds Guys services to existing and potential customers in the Market Area.
  • Identifying additional service opportunities on existing customer contracts for evaluation and customer follow-up by the General Manager.


Operational Responsibilities

  • Ensuring all customer service contracts are properly staffed, equipped, supplied and executed on a timely basis continually comparing the budgeted time on site to the actual time (Contribute to the triple bottom line)
  • Proactively follows the Seasonal Work Schedule for monthly site activities
  • Ensuring all tools, equipment, vehicles and supplies are properly utilized, maintained and stored following the 5S program each evening.
  • Proactively assisting the Production Manager in identifying and resolving all customer service issues or concerns on a timely and proactive basis. Take ownership and pride in each site as assigned to your team. (Own it)
  • Ensure availability and appropriately schedule Team members for peak periods to work longer shifts particularly in the spring months
  • Continuously observes sites for deficiencies and finds ways to correct them proactively for our clients

Winter Operations

  • In winter the Team Leader will operate equipment, which may include, but is not limited to: Pickup or larger Truck with Plow and Spreader, and Loader. He/She may also use hand tools such as Shovels, Snow Blowers, Back Pack Blowers, etc., and will handle de-icing chemicals.
  • He/She must be physically capable of lifting 50 pounds.
  • The nature of snow & ice management can be compared to an emergency response system. The snow event must be anticipated and managed. This requires the Team Leader to be available and in town, December through February unless otherwise arranged with supervisor.
  • He/She must be able to schedule adequate sleeping patterns and control consumption of alcohol so as to be rested and mentally alert, and not under the influence of alcohol, at the beginning of each shift.
  • He/she may be required to work long shifts of more than 12 hours at a time.

Management Responsibilities

  • Monitoring the workplace and neutralizing any potential hazards that exist for Team members during the performance of their duties.
  • Assign work to Team members appropriate to their respective skill levels. Ensure such assignments include any special instructions as indicated in the Route Sheets.
  • Providing on-the-job coaching and counseling to Team members so that they have every opportunity to safely and efficiently perform their job duties and maximize Grounds Guys customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring the efficient and effective execution of customer services by Team members.
  • Final inspection and sign-off of each property before leaving the site each day. (fill out the check lists (GC3’s))
  • May be required to attend seminars, trade shows, or other training sessions from time to time. Create an environment of continuous improvement and learning. (Learn something new every day and share it with the team!)
  • Manage Team members at the end of each shift and ensure all procedures are followed for the 5S program.
  • Communicate with mechanic regarding equipment repairs and servicing schedules

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a neat, secure, well-maintained and adequately supplied shop facility.
  • Diligently perform all reporting functions on a routine and timely basis using the in house GC3 app.

Provide any and all assistance, advice and cooperation to the Production Manager, other Team Leaders or Team members as may be reasonably required or requested from time to time.

Job Location

Abbotsford BC

Additional Information


Paid travel time
Flexible hours
"People Like You" hiring incentive
Phone allowance for team leads
Personal Wellness Benefit (Prescriptions, fitness memberships, etc)
GGOB Bonus (Profit Based)
Vacation Pay
Direct Deposit (every two weeks)
Training/Education allowance (after prescribed time)

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