ID LH0081 Landscaping Construction Labourer (Lower Mainland)

Job Position: Both Apprenticeship & Non-Apprenticeship Positions

Salary: $17.00-$22.00/hour

Job Requirement

Skills & Requirements
• Class 5 driver’s license
• Fluent in English
• Must be able to perform heavy lifting and strenuous activity
• Capable of taking direction and engage in two-way communication with supervisor
• Ability to work independently

Transportation Requirements

  • Must have Drivers license
  • Own Vehicle Preferred

Job Description

The role of a Labourer is a key part to successfully completing jobs on time and keeping them profitable. It is crucial that you fulfil your deliverables and accountabilities as follows:

• Be on time and ready to work at 8 am unless told otherwise
• 40 hours produced on budget and on schedule per week
• Think about how you’re going to approach your task and if there will any negative outcomes
• Work in a pre-planned and efficient manner to ensure task are being completed within the allotted time line
• Screeding (setting poles, troweling small areas)
• Using the gas saw for cutting pavers and block
• Understanding grades
• Machine experience (able to unload a pallet off a semi truck)
• Understanding of paver systems
• Understanding of walls and steps
• Knowledge of planting and mulching
• Understanding the process of laying Turf

Job Location

Lower Mainland, BC

Additional Information

Extended Health Coverage after 3 months
Continuing Education

Applications for ID LH0081 Landscaping Construction Labourer (Lower Mainland) are closed.