ID A0005 Plant Health Care Technician (Surrey, BC)

Job Position: Non-Apprenticeship Position

Salary: $18.00 - $23.00 per hour, depending on experience.

Job Requirement

  •  Minimum Education: High School Diploma.
  •  Education/Training in Arboriculture or PHC an asset.
  •  Minimum of 2 years’ experience in Horticulture/Arboriculture.
  •  Current BC Pesticide Applicator Certificate for Landscape and/or Industrial Vegetation Management.
  •  Familiar with Plant I.D. and treatment options.
  •  ISA Certified Arborist is an asset.
  •  WHMIS Certificate.
  •  Class 5 Drivers Licence, Air Brakes Endorsement is an asset.

Transportation Requirements

  • Must have Drivers license
  • Transit Availability

Job Description

Assists the Plant Health Care (PHC) department in delivering PHC treatments, occasional arboriculture work, while providing the highest performance in safety, quality, efficiency, and customer service when required.

Specific Duties:
The PHC Technician will have a variety of duties to perform daily, varying by the type of work being done at each given site. The main priorities are to perform various PHC treatments, pest/disease control measures, maintain detailed and accurate reporting, and perform arboricultural duties during specific seasons throughout the year.

Plant Health Care
 Drive specialized PHC trucks to various work sites around the Lower Mainland.
 Practice various PHC treatments such as: fertilization, soil amendments, pest and disease control measures.
 Perform soil compaction alleviation.
 Perform deep root injections, watering, and other PHC services.
 Utilize environmentally friendly products to perform PHC treatments.
 Prepare pesticide sprays and other PHC solutions for treatments.
 Assist in scheduling PHC treatments with PHC Manager.

Equipment, Machine & Tool Use
 Choose and load necessary daily equipment.
 Perform daily inspections of equipment and vehicles.
 Utilize specialized mechanical instruments such as: an air spade, skid steer, stump grinder, root exploration devices, and root pruners.
 Perform basic maintenance on equipment and tools used.
 Ensure PHC trucks are prepared, filled, and refueled for each work day.

Safe Work Practices
 Choose and inspect personal protective equipment.
 Inspect worksites and identify risks.
 Direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Reporting & Communication
 Prepare and maintain impeccable records of personal pesticide use and monitoring forms, work orders, and equipment maintenance records.
 Prepare and post public notices for pesticide applications or PHC treatments.
 Provide customers with PHC information when necessary.

Job Location

 We perform services for a wide variety or clients all year around in diverse locations from private gardens and backyards, to public spaces, or remote areas.
 Majority of work time is spent in the field operating machinery or hand tools, performing PHC/arboricultural services, clean-up, and being courteous to customers.
 Physical fitness and ability to work outside is required year around, with duty modification during specific seasons throughout the year.
 Office work and time needed to complete paperwork, and attend meetings/training.

Additional Information

Benefits Include:

 Self Directed Benefits Package
 Company Vehicle
 Medical & Dental
 Paid Vacation/Holidays
 Safety Allowance
 Education/Professional Development Allowance

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