Bill Hardy receives BCLNA Outstanding Service Award

Founding and current Board of Director of, was honored on October 1st at the BCLNA Member Awards Ceremony.

“In the last few years, there has been some confusion concerning the difference between the Honorary Lifetime Achievement award which is awarded by the board of directors, and the Outstanding service award, which was formerly the Pacific Coast Nurseryman Award.

The Outstanding Service Award, is presented to a BCLNA member for just that – outstanding service to the association.

The recipient is chosen by the past presidents. This is always a difficult job, as our association is blessed with many who give tirelessly of their time and effort on behalf of the association. However, this year’s winner, stands above and beyond in many ways.

They were chosen to receive the Honorary Lifetime Achievement award in 2012, as recognition of their exemplary past participation, and to mark them as lifetime members.

When they learned they have been chosen for this Outstanding Service Award, the recipient was, as always humble, and troubled that such awards are usually given to those that HAVE served. We can heartily assure them that this award is to honour continuous work – past, present and future, as we have no intention of letting them leave for a very LONG time. This is to have this members efforts applauded in this way.

The recipient of this award is Bill Hardy.”