Looking for Industry Volunteers

HortEducation.ca is presently forming a Landscape Standards Task Force, this committee will represent the expertise found within the Landscaping Industry.


A task force is a group of people who are temporarily assigned to work together to achieve a very specific and clearly defined objective.

  • This trade task force will be established to work specifically on the content of the Landscape trade standards, this would include exam bank, program profile and OAC (Occupation Analysis Chart)
  • This group will be lead by a HEBC Board representative


  • BC Landscape Horticulturist Certificate of Qualification or Sign-off Authority
  • Presently “on the tools” 5 years recent
  • An enthusiastic interest in assisting in setting trade guidelines
  • Up to date on current BC Landscape practices


  • Educational experience in curriculum development
  • Have completed the ITA/BC apprenticeship program
  • Enthusiastic, open minded, future vision oriented


  • Review the present Apprenticeship level exam bank
  • Gapping up BC Landscape Apprenticeship program to RED SEAL
  • Future tasks would entail, trade maintenance update and additions

Time Required:

  • Meeting once a month for 6-8 hours or twice a month for 4 hours
  • For approximately 4 months, thereafter meetings once every 2 months

Please enquire by August 27, 2011 by sending an email to Anne Kadwell; [email protected]