Change in Terminology

“Equivalency Status” is now “Sign-Off Authority”

In the past, ITA established a process for granting “equivalency status” to sponsors, this would enable uncertified individuals to sign-off their apprentices when they met the requirements for challenging certification in the trade. The term “equivalency”, however, has created confusion and difficulty for industry. Many have interpreted this recognition to mean that the individual holds something equivalent to the Certificate of Qualification in that trade. Individuals in the trade may interpret this as meaning they hold status equivalent to a certified tradesperson, without ever successfully completing or challenging the certification.

The new name for this authority is “Sign-Off Authority”. Individuals who apply for Sign-Off Authority (previously called “Equivalency Status”) must still meet all the same requirements as those who apply to challenge the certificate, and if they meet the criteria, they are issued an ITA letter conferring the right to supervise and sign-off apprentices.

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