Landscape Horticulturist Red Seal Prep Workshop Fee


This fee is for access for one person to attend an online Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist Exam Preparation workshop.


The Red Seal preparation workshop will help you prepare for writing the Landscape Horticulture Red Seal Exam. *The study manual will be referred to throughout the workshop and is a valuable guide while preparing for the exam.

The manual and workshop will not help you pass the exam if you do not already have the knowledge and skills required. The scope of the exam is too broad to be able to learn everything in a compressed study session. If you require more intensive study, you may want to consider using the Level 1-4 manuals used by apprentices in their technical training.

Nothing in the manual or workshop is based on anything specific from the exam. The content of the manual and sample questions have been written independently from the Red Seal Exam. The guide provides refresher material and examples of the style of questions to expect.

The Inter-Provincial Red Seal Horticulturist Exam is the same in all Provinces and Territories. The core tasks covered in the manual and workshop are the same in all Provinces and Territories. The content of this manual is provincial specific to one section on what to expect at the testing location and required identification. These procedures for sitting the exam in British Columbia may vary regionally; as such, you should defer to your Province or Territory’s training authority for procedure on sitting the exam.