HortEducationBC Sponsorship Agreement Form for ITA Youth Trades Apprentices

Youth Apprentice HortEducationBC Sponsorship Agreement

  • HortEducationBC (HEBC) is pleased to act as your sponsor to assist with your initial registration with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and to ensure credit for your training is recorded.

    You must be registered with your school districts Youth Trades Training Program. You will need your Youth Trades career counselor/facilitator's contact information to complete this form.

    Please note that HEBC’s sponsorship of you, as an apprentice will end with the completion of technical of your current program of study. You will need to contact HEBC to extend your sponsorship. HEBC can help you find an employer sponsor to mentor your work experience training.

    Please complete all fields of this form. Once we have accepted your application, you will receive instructions by email for registering with the ITA and adding us as your sponsor. The ITA will then send us a request to accept you as an apprentice.

    Once we have accepted you as our apprentice, you can then register with your chosen training institution. If you have changes to your contact information while we act as your sponsor please be sure to update us.

  • Disclaimer

    I understand that HEBC can only sponsor me for technical training and does not sign off on work-based training hours

    I will inform HEBC of any changes to my contact information