What if I do not have a sponsor?

HortEducationBC can sponsor new and existing apprentices temporarily for the technical training (school) portion of your apprenticeship.

New Apprentices:

HortEducationBC can be your temporary sponsor for the technical training portion of your first year of education. After completing Level 1 technical training, Apprentices sponsored by “HortEducationBC” go on to find a job with an employer who can sponsor their workplace experience portion of their apprenticeship. HortEducation.ca helps apprentices with finding paid employment with employer sponsors through our job board.

Using HortEducationBC as a sponsor enables those new to the industry to begin an apprenticeship with technical training. This enables those with no experience to gain some knowledge and hands on experience at school. Technical training in school provides both knowledge based skills in a classroom setting, and hands on practical skills in lab or field lab settings.

Existing Apprentices:

Apprentices may also find themselves without a sponsor because they are between jobs or any number of reasons, but wish to do a level of technical training before finding a new sponsor employer.

If you have an employer who does not have Sign-Off Authority, please contact us before initiating sponsorship with HEBC. We may be able to help them obtain Sign-Off Authority so they can act as your sponsor.