Assessment Opportunities for Climbing Arborist and Falling & Bucking Endorsement

Assessment Opportunities for Climbing Arborist and Falling & Bucking Endorsement

We have an opportunity to do the testing for the Falling & Bucking Endorsement written and practical field evaluation; as well as, the Climbing Arborist practical assessment required for Certificate of Qualification.

If you are interested in completing, one of the assessments, please complete the online Falling & Bucking Endorsement form; or, download the fillable Climbing Arborist practical assessment form and return it by email to [email protected] and we will contact you with further details.

Climbing Arborist Practical Assessment – Application Download

Falling & Bucking Endorsement Application Form


Climbing Arborist Practical Assessment

You must pass the Climbing Arborist Certificate of Qualification exam prior to taking the Practical Assessment.

In the Climbing Arborist Standardized Practical Assessment you will be evaluated by an ITA-registered Climbing Arborist Assessor in all 7 units of competency. You can view the Program Profile with information about certification and the 7 units of competency, in the Climbing Arborist Program Outline, available from the ITA website here

Falling & Bucking Endorsement 

Those who have their Certificate of Qualification as an Utility Arborist or Certificate of Qualification as an Arborist Technician are eligible to apply for the “WUAA/HEBC Falling and Bucking Endorsement”. Further information can be found on the Falling & Bucking Endorsement page.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Bill Hardy at HortEducationBC 604-430-0422 or email at [email protected]