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HortEducation.ca is the voice for the ornamental horticulture and agriculture based trades in British Columbia. At HortEducation.ca, we recruit new apprentices to horticulture & agriculture, sponsor apprentices to give them a head start, guide apprentices through their apprenticeship journey, manage employer-sponsor concerns, assist with access to tax credits and grants, and help experienced individuals achieve qualification.


Want to get out and work, while building your career skills? Apprenticeship allows you to get hands-on training, earn a wage, and still gain the education you need to move up in the company, gain your journeyperson status, or go on to earn a diploma or degree.

Apprentices Overview

Did you know that if you sponsor an apprentice, you can receive up to $4000 per year in Federal and Provincial tax credits?

Hiring an apprentice is a great way to improve your company by increasing the skill set of your business, and provide your customers with an experienced educated crew.

Employers & Sponsors Overview

Find out which schools offer the technical training component for your Trade

  • Complete list of horticulture apprenticeship schools in BC
  • Calendar of upcoming training sessions for Horticulture trades